Monday, July 27, 2009

Charger Cable Finally Coming

I finally heard from the electrician tonight and it looks like I'll have my cable this Friday. It was originally scheduled for more than 2 weeks ago but they called the day before the work was to be done and canceled the appointment. I still don't really know why - they said it was because they were backed up due to all the rain but the final cable installations are inside.

I just got my 2nd bill. Does anyone know if Mini will waive this one also because the charging cable is not installed yet?

I was away for more than a week and the car held it 100% charge and was ready to go. A friend of mine was having a birthday party this weekend and we drove the car to his house. Judging from the reaction of the people that were there I think Mini would have no problem selling a lot of these cars. Many asked who they could talk to about getting one. It make you wonder why mini had to start "giving" the cars to municipalities. I think they did not get the word out to the general population that the trial program was running.

I will probably go over 1,000 miles this week (no much for having the car almost 2 months, but I tend to not drive it if the "tank" is not at or near 100%).

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