Saturday, March 27, 2010

Giving #380 back in June

Well - after a lot of thought, I decided to turn #380 back in at the end of the current lease. They made the decision a little easier by making the lease payments $600 and saying that new credit applications would have to be completed. I don't need the hassle of "un-freezing" my credit reports so they can "check" again on a customer that always pays on time. A lower payment would have made the decision more difficult - mostly because I still enjoy driving the car.

I have a car (as I presume most of us do) that I also pay for and use for longer trips than the mini-e can handle. Also, I use the alternate car whenever I need even a minimal amount of storage space.

The car has been fun. I will certainly consider an electric in the near future - it looks like electric cars are finally here to stay.

I would like to hear from others on why they decided to either keep the car or turn it in.

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